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It’s no surprise Dubai is considered an investment hotspot, and it’s no surprise that commercial building for sale in Dubai is in high demand here. Especially the whole building is very popular as it can be used for various purposes such as hotels, restaurants, warehouses, and retail stores. Of course, the most compelling advantage of commercial real estate is the ability to attract potential tenants with long-term leases (3-5 years) and expect regular income.

Alich properties is one of the leading real estate companies in Dubai that help you in finding and purchasing residential and commercial buildings all across UAE. As qualified real estate professionals with many years of experience, we know how confusing Dubai’s unplanned property market can be for both new buyers and professional investors, especially when there are thousands of unplanned properties in Dubai.

No need to search countless listings on other UAE real estate websites. You can just need to open the Alich property website and find the best property at affordable rates.

Is it better to invest in residential and commercial building for sale?

All types of real estate offer better long-term income opportunities. Investors opt for commercial real estate, so it’s easy to compare residential and commercial real estate. Commercial real estate is usually more likely to achieve stable and plannable income without extra effort.
Additionally, commercial properties offer more income as these properties are used primarily for business purposes.
In addition, if these properties are used as rental properties, they will be crowded with tenants all year round. Commercial building for sale in Dubai is also a top investor wish.
Residential properties come in a variety of specifications. If you find a decent family, you know your property is kept up to date. You can also get a better return on investment (ROI) by putting your home up for sale in this condition.

Top areas to buy a residential and commercial building for sale in Dubai

Business bay

Business Bay is the most desirable area in the city’s commercial real estate market. The area embodies a cosmopolitan, fast-paced atmosphere, making him one of the most desirable places to own these properties. With Al Safa, Jumeirah, and Sheikh Zayed Road just a short drive away, he is one of the well-transported areas.

Business owners who travel frequently will find the area conveniently located just a 15-minute drive from Dubai International Airport. In addition, Business Bay offers investors various types of commercial real estate for sale, including office space, commercial space, large units, and shops.

Jumeirah lake tower

Similar to Business Bay, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) offers a wide range of commercial spaces for sale to business owners. The reality is that the area is a free trade zone is the biggest factor why the area is so popular in the emirate’s retail real estate market.

Business owners will benefit from being able to easily collaborate with similar businesses while being in the city’s popular metropolitan areas. The area also has a subway station and several banks, making it self-sufficient.

JLT offers a diverse mix of the best commercial building for sale in Dubai, including offices, commercial floors, and shops. The availability of JLT residential units increases the attractiveness of purchasing commercial properties in the area.

Al Quoz

Another well-known area to buy property in Dubai is Al Quoz. It is a mixed-use community spread across West Dubai. Various communities surround it. In the north is the municipality of Al Wasl. To the west are Al Safa, Umm Al Seef, and Al Manara. Together with Al Khair Road and Sheikh Zayed Road, these communities form a long rectangle.

Al Quoz is cleverly divided into residential and commercial properties. The residential sector occupies the northeast region and is divided into Al Quoz 1, Al Quoz 2, and Al Quoz 4. These residential areas are home to several Emirati families. In the southwest part of the district, meanwhile, the commercial area has established a stronghold.

Jebel Ali

Once considered a satellite district and often referred to as Mina Jebel Ali, this part of Dubai is an ever-evolving region of increasing importance. This is a mixed-use development with commercial, industrial, retail, recreational, and residential components.

The most important are Jebel Ali Harbor (the world’s largest man-made harbor), Palm Jebel Ali, JAFZA (Designated Industrial Area), and Jebel Ali Village. The village has several churches and temples.

The district is vital to the emirate’s industrial life, primarily as a huge commercial port and business hub near Dubai Marina. In addition, it is home to the Middle East’s largest port and the world’s 9th busiest port.

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